Like many photographers, I love to travel. Traveling the world provides unique and rewarding cultural experiences and photographic opportunities. In a few days, I’ll be scratching that itch again with an excursion through Patagonia, that wild and untamed region in the heart of Chile and Argentina. I’ve done my research, looked at other photographer’s images of the region, checked the long range weather forecasts and now I’m trying to decide what gear to take along. Normally, I don’t sweat this – I just bring everything I think I might need and if I have to pay an overweight charge, no problem, it’s small change in relation to the cost of the trip. In this case though, there is an internal flight where the luggage limit is 33 lbs. TOTAL (checked + carry-on) with no option to pay for overage. So, I’ll be traveling light – very light. My trusty roller bag won’t be making this trip, it’ll be a backpack and that’s it.

Here’s what I’ve got it down to:

Total weight – 24lbs. which leaves 9 lbs. for underwear, socks and a toothbrush – easy!!

Stay tuned for the post-trip wrap-up.