Each year, around this time, I like to take a look back at where photography has taken me (literally and creatively), which images stand out in my mind the most, which ones have been most successful commercially and what I might want to put on my 2013 bucket list.

On the business side, and despite a general downturn in the field, stock sales continue to be steady for me with book and magazine publishers leading the way. Subject matter seems to be all over the map with no discernible pattern other than, it’s invariably the ordinary rather than spectacular images that sell – particularly ones of ordinary people going about their everyday activities and, client needs are usually very specific. A typical case in point is the publisher that needed an image of a Royal Geranium plant in a particular state of bloom that I was able to meet with this image.

This was also the year that I launched this website as well as my first foray into the fine art market via an online relationship with FineArtAmerica – both of which are starting to get some attention.

My true passion, however, has always been in wildlife and travel photography and, this past year, that was fed by trips to Philadelphia, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Tanzania and a nine city romp through northern Europe, Russia and the Baltic region. From the tens of thousands of images shot on these trips, these are my two favourites.

The first was shot in Copenhagen and, to me, captures the essence of the laid-back, artistic and sometimes whimsical qualities of that great city. The second is from Tanzania and, to me, is just a fun, interesting image showing the relationship between two very common species of the area. What they both highlight, however, is the need to take the time to look for interesting details and juxtapositions beyond the obvious and iconic. I always find it gratifying when I come home with images that very few, if any, other photographers may have gotten. You can find my favourite ten images of 2012, including these, in an album on my Facebook page.

For 2013, plans are still being formed. I know I’ll be photographing moose in Algonquin Park this spring but other than that nothing is firm. High on the want list are India, Borneo and Bordeaux but any plans in that direction are at least a month off. No matter what, it’s going to be an exciting year and I can’t wait to get started. So stay tuned, check back often, and I’ll keep you posted on what comes my way.